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External post-production - Bright River integration
External post-production - Bright River integration

How to set up Bright River as post-production vendor

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Bright River is an external post-production vendor that connects directly to Creative Force via an API integration from their production system Stream. What this allows for is seemly image transfers between the two systems without the use of a typical FTP.

This article goes over the initial setup and use of the integration between the two systems. At the end of this article are a number of deep-dive topics into specific pieces of the integration!

To set up Bright River as a Post-Production vendor in Creative Force, navigate to the main menu in the top right corner and click on "Studio Settings" and click on the sub-menu "Post-Production".

You will find the list of existing created vendors and have the option to add another/new one.

Click on "Add" and you will see a popup where you can enter the name of the vendor and choose the connection type. We currently support FTP, Pixelz Integration,, and Bright River Integration.

Connect to Bright River

You will need to fill in the API key and secret code. This can be obtained by reaching out to your Bright River representative.

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Once the connection has been established, you need to designate the external vendor to a workflow.

Then, go to the Style guide that uses the same workflow and map the template to each position from the drop-down menu. This will send the images for a given position to the relevant Bright River template.

Your CSM at Bright River will want to ensure that the templates are "API ready" on their end so that Creative Force can pick up on them.

Once the template have been mapped, you are now ready to send images to and from Creative Force effortlessly.

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