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Production view

How to customize your own production view

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When logging into Gamma - Creative Force’s web application, you will see an overview of your whole production. This is where you can quickly see the progress of operations within your Studio. Which tasks are done, which ones are to do or are in progress.

You are able to share saved views with team members for easy sharing of information and ensuring you're on the same page... literally.

The production view breaks up products by production type. This means that you can see the status of all the production types as well as the status of the current step in that production associated with that product. You can also right-click on a product to access the action menu easily.

With this feature, you can save a priority shoot list view to get a general view of which product should be prioritized and/ or which product can wait. If you want to quickly get a list of finished products by the end of each day, then a production view will be super useful. To get a list of your saved view, go to Actions -> Export CSV.

The default view always shows ‘in progress’ production, but you can customize your own view and then save it for easy access!

  1. Filter the needed information you need to see

Note: If you filter for Product code, Job code or Product properties, for example, the number of default values displayed in the dropdown is 30 values, enter a specific code to find it.

2. Choose which columns to display and/ or reorganize the order of the column you want to see. You can click the 3-vertical lines next to the search box

3. Save a new view or discard the changes

4. Name the view you just created

5. You can later access this view in the drop down menu under ‘Production'


  • Disabled production types will not be displayed on the Production view.

  • Backlog products will not be available on the Capture kanban screen. Click here to learn about Products status vs Production status.

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