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How to map images back from Bright River for Variants
How to map images back from Bright River for Variants
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When working with Bright River, and variants (multiple outputs per position), Creative Force uses the preset variant code to map images back to the correct position and variant.

You can set up the preset variant code while creating your presets. After defining the file format, color profile, background color, etc for each variant, you will want to define the Preset Variant Code for each of the outputs that you have for a given preset. Bright River will then use that to map the given outputs to the correct variant with the corresponding preset variant code.

On Bright River’s side, they can connect the preset variant code to the filename with either - (minus sign) or _ (underscore).

For example, if the preset variant code is MAIN1, then the filename when sending back should be filname_MAIN1.jpg or filename-MAIN1.jpg. When done, Creative Force will automatically know which file needs to be returned where.

If the files are not returned mapping to the preset variant code, the images will still be accepted back into CF, but will show a “No Preset” value in External Post QC, meaning CF knows the file is for a given product, but not which variant it is for. This then impacts the final delivery of a file as we will rename the file to match the “Main” image and not the specific variant.

In case this does happen, you will need to reset the task to External Post Step, and then have Bright River redeliver the images with the preset variant code. Trying to redeliver the same file with the correct preset variant code, or rejecting the “No Preset” file and having Bright River redeliver the files, will result in duplicates. This is why a full reset to the External Post step is the best course of action.

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