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Delivery options - Bynder
Delivery options - Bynder
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With Creative Force, it is possible to create the asset delivery place to the following servers:

This article will show you the steps to connect to Bynder. But first, you need to set up Bynder integration here.

To add Bynder as a delivery option, go to Studio settings -> Clients -> Edit Client -> Delivery options. Click ‘Add’.

The NAME is anything that you would like, so perhaps choose the name of the customer's Bynder account, or something easily identifiable.

The Bynder URL is the instance URL that you are delivering to. So for example:

The Bynder Client ID and Bynder Client Secret allow us to connect with the Bynder API to deliver assets to you.

Bynder has this very helpful article on how to generate your Client ID and Secret. You will need to have a separate Client ID and Secret for each of your CF Clients.

For the Authorization redirect URIs you can use the following:

For the HTTP access control (CORS) you can use the following:

The set up should look like the below:

Important: In terms of the OAuth Scope, you need to ensure that all of the "Assets" and "Metaproperties" scopes are selected. Otherwise, Creative Force won't be able to communicate with Bynder.

The Brand ID is effectively your Bynder Client ID. By going to your brand page you will be able to obtain this from a URL.

Go to the below page on your Bynder Account. Replace insert-your-bynder-domain with your own account name., then click on your Brand.

On the next page, you will notice a string that follows at the end of the URL:

Copy that string into the BRAND ID field.

Once all of these steps are done, complete the connection by clicking on 'Login Bynder'.

Here you need to make sure that you are not already login in via a separate window in your Bynder instance to ensure a successful authentication. If you are already logged in, please log out first before completing that step.

Metadata Delivery Set Up

At the heart of Bynder is the use of Metadata (Meta Properties, as they call it) to help you quickly identify, and source assets within the Asset Bank.

What you are able to do within Creative Force is define certain metadata properties to be delivered into the appropriate fields within Bynder, effectively linking metadata between Creative Force and Bynder.

Within Creative Force you can define which properties you want to migrate to the Description, Tags, and Copyright fields within Bynder. What this does is whenever an asset has a certain field complete in Creative Force, that same information will be populated in Bynder when the asset is delivered.

Alongside the relatively generic Description, Tags, and Copyright fields, you can map metadata between the two systems via the Meta Properties section. This links properties from Creative Force to custom metaproperties that you have defined in Bynder.

Clicking on edit opens up the below mapping panel, where you can choose where Creative Force Property fields can be mapped to within Bynder.

Please keep in mind if the property in Bynder is a "Select" metaproperty, then it will only accept certain predefined values. This means the value that you have in Creative Force, will have to match one of the values in Bynder.

For instance, if you have days of the week as a metaproperty in Bynder with the following values:






Then the Day of the Week value coming from Creative Force can only be one of those 5 in order to be accepted in your Bynder Account. If you input Saturday for instance in Creative Force for a product, then it won't be accepted on Bynder.

Once this is done, Creative Force will be linked to Bynder, both in terms of asset delivery, and metadata! What this means in practice is that whenever a product and its assets are completed, those assets at the Asset Delivery step will be delivered both to the Asset View and to Bynder.

If it says ‘Failed to check’, the connection has not been integrated. Please check the info you have filled in again, if everything is correct, please contact our support team for more details.

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