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All assets need a home, which oftentimes means delivery to a Digital Asset Management system or something similar.

Our Bynder Integration allows you to deliver assets from Creative Force to Bynder alongside the relevant supplementary metadata properties to make finding assets that much easier!

Below is a walkthrough guide on how to connect Creative Force to Bynder. We will go over how both assets and their related properties (or metaproperties, as Bynder calls them) can be delivered to your Bynder Account.

Setting Up the Bynder Integration

In order to set up the Bynder Integration, you will first need to enable the Bynder connector on your account. You can find this by going to your Studio settings and Connectors. Learn more on how to enable your connectors from this article.

Once enabled, you will then be able to associate the Bynder Connector with the specific clients/brands that have a Bynder Account.

If you are a commercial studio that is working with various brands, you may have different delivery options for each of your customers. This way you can set up the right delivery method for each of them. Click here to learn how to create a Bynder delivery option in Creative Force.

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