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Default Workflow & Default Style guide
Default Workflow & Default Style guide
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All products imported to Creative Force must follow a style guide and a workflow. Sometimes, during this process, mistakes happen and the products are not on the correct style guide and workflow.

This is why we recommend creating a Default style guide and Default workflow for all of the clients in your account. These guidelines will act as a fallback to catch any products that do not have the correct category triggers. Hence, these guidelines should be kept as simple as possible to notify the team to not produce assets on these ones and avoid making further mistakes.

Default workflow

The default workflow will have a badge next to its name.

  • Settings: keep it simple with just one production type.

  • Photography:

    • Final Selection should be performed in Kelvin. This is to avoid adding a separate step in Gamma.

    • Photo Review should be in Custom. This is to skip the Photo Review step.

    • Cut off step for Kelvin reset should be Final Selection done.

  • Post-production: No post. You won’t have an Internal post or an External post to minimize further work done.

  • Asset delivery: If you choose ‘disabled’, all the images shot will be kept within Creative Force. If you choose ‘enabled’, all the images will be delivered to your selected destination.

Default style guide

The default style guide will have a badge next to its name.

With style guides, you can update the cover image and even put in some descriptions for the team to know that they should not produce using this.

  • Category should be blank.

  • If the Default style guide follows the Default workflow, all other places can be left blank, you don’t have to fill in any values.


If any products fall into the default style guide, you will need to update the category triggers and manually move the products to the correct style guide.

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