To access the Style guide settings, browse to the main menu in the top right corner and click on Style Guides. Select a Style Guide, hover over the cover image and hit 'edit'

Style guide 'Settings'

In the Style Guide 'Settings' there are mandatory and optional settings to fill out.
Mandatory settings are:

Enable Style guide

Enable or disable the Style guide (Disabled Style guides can not be used for production and are not being mapped on Job import, the default value is 'enabled')

Style guide name 

Add/edit the name for the selected Style guide by editing the existing default value 

Assigned Workflow 

Add/edit the correct workflow to be used for the Style Guide by selecting a workflow from the drop-down menu.

Assigned Category Triggers 

Add/edit the correct category triggers to be used for this Style guide by hitting + on the existing trigger and writing in the text field for adding new ones.

Optional settings are:

Style guide cover 

Add/edit the cover image for the Style Guide


Add/edit the general description for the Style Guide.


Add/edit files to your Style Guides, to give additional information such as Set building instructions etc.

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