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Style Guide & Workflow Version Visibility
Style Guide & Workflow Version Visibility
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The Style Guide and Workflow visibility Feature allows you to view older versions Style Guides and Workflows to help in troubleshooting unexpected changes in the Production Process. We’ll take a look at how the feature works below.

Feature Overview

In the past, if a change was made to a Style Guide, but was not applied to the products that already exist in the system, your team may have encountered issues such as unexpected positions appearing in Kelvin that no longer appear on the latest version of the Style Guide, unexpected naming conventions, or even added or missing steps from the workflow. The new Style Guide visibility feature allows you to dive back into older versions of the Style Guides to compare outdated versions with the latest version and identify what changes have been made so your team can make an informed decision about whether or not to update a product to the latest version (Remember: when you save a change to a Style Guide, it automatically updates production requirements for only new products moving forward, existing products and products in progress need to be manually updated to the latest version).

With this new feature, when a product is on the latest version of Style Guide, this can be quickly confirmed on the Product detail fly-out:

In contrast, when a product is not on latest version of the Style Guide you will see that indicated on the product fly-out with a orange error icon.

Viewing Outdated Style Guide Versions

Selecting “Edit” from the Product Fly-out allows you to view the version of the Style Guide the product is currently on:

From here you have the ability to:

  • View the version of the Style Guide that the product is on

  • Easily compare the outdated version with the latest version by selecting the “Go to Latest Version” from the banner at the top of the page to view the most current version of the Style Guide

  • Quickly access the latest version of the workflow

Note that the former Style Guide versions are View-only. You can not make changes to the style guide when viewing older versions. Be sure to follow the “Go to the Latest Version” button to make your edits.

The Two types of version updates

One important piece to know when it comes to this new feature, is that there are two types of actions that will bump a product onto a new version of the Style Guide.

Global Updates

The first is one you are likely familiar with, and this includes making changes to the Style Guide or Workflow itself, such as adding or removing a position altogether, updating the Asset naming conventions, selecting a new post-production method or changing the name of the Style Guide. This kind of edit requires a reset of the product in order to apply the updates to products in the system.

Individual Product Updates

The second is a more subtle change to the product itself. If a user edits a product either in Kelvin or Gamma and take either of the two actions:

  • Toggles a Production Type On of Off OR

  • Turns a position on or off

The system will alert the user that the product is now on a new version of the Style Guide. It is in this specific instance where you may notice a product is no longer on the latest version of the Style Guide without having made any changes to the Style Guide itself.

What’s next?

Once your team has used the new Style Guide Visiblity feature to identify what changes have been to the Style Guide and Workflow, you can make more informed decisions about whether or not you would to apply the updates to all products. To read more on applying Style Guide and Workflow updates refer to the article below:

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