You may have an endless list of presets and variants you have to create for your client to prepare for their production. As setting up presets and variants is a manual job there is the possibility of mistakes. Luckily, Creative Force offers the option to auto-generate variants, meaning Creative Force would automatically create the variants for you.

This is an add-on to your account. Please contact your account manager for more details. Once you have this feature enabled on your account, you will see ‘Add auto variant’ in the Presets set up.

Please note that in order to have auto variants work effectively, you have to meet the following requirements:

  • The main variant has to be “Manual”. This means that you have to create the main variant yourself and input the settings.

  • An auto-variant is always based on a manual variant. This manual variant can be the main one or a secondary variant.

Then from the Style guide’s Asset section, you will see a ‘lightning icon’ to know which are auto variants. And of course, you can set up the naming convention or conditional rules for the variants as normal.

Please note that the variants will only appear in the asset delivery location.


It is not possible to generate an auto variant that is larger in dimension than the original file that was input.

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