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It is always difficult to maintain the style and output requirements throughout your assets or to closely follow the requested retouching details from different customers. This will now be easier with the reference images, auto QA, and variants fan out feature in HUE.

Reference image alert

First, your admin must set the reference images rules in Gamma under the Client level. This alert can be set to appear based on the Style Code, Category, Product Code, or Job Code. If a task has the matching conditions, HUE will alert you - the retoucher with an Eye icon like below.

This gives you an opportunity to see how the product or a similar product has already been edited as a reference before you begin retouching an image.

Auto QA

In the previous article about the HUE Photoshop panel, we walked through the presets which are output requirements for the images. These presets will enable the HUE auto Quality Assurance feature.

After exporting the file, the auto QA will give you a green tick if the requirements are satisfied, and an orange mark if the requirements are not met.

  • File format

  • File extension

  • DPI

  • Color profile

  • Bits Per Channel

  • Dimensions

  • Background color

  • Cropping

Depending on the workflow for post-production setup, if ‘Override Auto QA’ is enabled, you can upload the images normally. If not, Auto QA won’t let you upload the images unless you change the unmatched requirements.

Variant fan out

With a single click, HUE will automatically create a new file format according to the setup in your presets. You can keep all the core retouching effects and HUE will take care of the outputs for you.

HUE will then show you 2 options:

  • Duplicates: HUE will keep all the work that you have done on the image and make a copy with the respective dimensions as per the setup in your presets

  • Blanks: HUE will create a completely blank file so you can start working again

When creating a variant, HUE will remember the previous export option that the user chose, whether it’s a preset or manually changing each specification, and then apply it to the next task.

If there are no previous export options or the preset doesn’t define the file format, then HUE will apply the default specifications as below:

  • format: JPG

  • qualityPercent: 100

  • progressive: true

  • embedColorProfile: true

Copy feature

HUE allows you to copy the product codes and the instruction notes.

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