How to update properties in bulk
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During production, your team might have additional information to be added to products or samples. This is when updating property in bulk becomes handy.

There are three places that you can do this: Job page, Products page and Samples page.

Job page

From the jobs page you are able to upload a file with additional information for a specific job. Select a row then navigate to Actions -> Update from file.

Similar to creating a job, you can map the columns in your file to the data field in Gamma. As ‘category’ is the trigger for the style guide, after creating the job for the first time, this data cannot be updated to avoid changing the product’s style guide during production.

Products page

Select all the products that require the property update, then click ‘Actions’ -> ‘Edit products’. Please note that all the product properties will have the same value after updating with this option.

Sample page

There are two ways to update properties in bulk on the Sample page.

The first option is to select multiple samples and ‘Actions’ -> ‘Edit samples’. This way, the sample properties will have the same value after updating.

The second option is to import a file. Please note that your file must include two things in order to map the data correctly.

The first is the Product code, this ensures the system knows which sample belongs to which product. The second is the Sample code, if you don’t have this field included on your data file, Creative Force will automatically create a new sample code, which will lead to the creation of new samples with new data.

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