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May 17th – Sprint 102 Release Notes
May 17th – Sprint 102 Release Notes

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Happy reading on Sprint Release Day! 🎉

Editorial: Asset Location & Sub-Location Updates

Where your assets have been shot is a fundamental piece of information typically used for finding assets later in downstream systems. This is why we have released a few key features around Location & Sub-Location properties for Editorial.

Adding and Changing Asset Location Data

When using Kelvin, your on-set team’s computer location automatically populates that location value for you. No change here!

However, when you’ve uploaded images from an on-location shoot in Gamma, or perhaps you need to update existing location data from an on-set transfer, you can now do so in Gamma as well!

Change the location of your images in Editorial Project > Components > Project Images.

Location Data & Collated (Composited) Assets

This is all fine and dandy with typical retouching, but gets a little tricky with compositing. This is where we wanted to ensure you have total control.

With compositing in Editorial, your retouchers are already designating which file in a collation step is the Main file in the Hue Photoshop panel.

A collated (or composited) final asset will now inherit the location data of that Main file. For example, we have a Main file of a model outside, and a secondary file of a product to composite in with the model. The final asset will inherit the outside location data of the Main file.

But what does that mean for me?

What we’ve introduced is designating the Main file in Gamma ahead of time, so there is no confusion for downstream teams or systems. So, in the cases where your deliverable needs compositing, then you’ll notice that now, in Gamma, you choose which file is the Main.

Simply select your Main file on the image thumbnail for Editorial Finalization Workflows with a collation step

Editorial Finalization Workflow with Main file designated

This ensures clarity and accuracy from retouching all the way down through to your DAM when determining location information.

Location & Sub-Location Merge Fields for Editorial Preset Metadata Rules

You can also now add location and sub-location merge fields to your custom metadata rules for Editorial presets. This ensures these location property values are written to your files at asset delivery for downstream systems.

Location & Sub-Location Merge Fields for Editorial Preset Metadata Rules

Containers Actions in Gamma

Now, not only in the mobile app, but also in Gamma, you can work specifically with container actions. This is most helpful for sample coordinators that work on laptops or teams that are unable to use mobile devices within the studio.

From the samples screen, you can execute on the following actions by multi-selecting samples to execute in bulk, or from using the sample fly-out for individual changes:

  • Add to container

  • Release from container

Add or release multiple samples to and from containers in Gamma

Add or release a single sample to and from containers in Gamma

Create Job from Sample Code

Does your team work primarily with sample codes? Great!

We have now added a new CF Gateway API that allows for importing samples only in order to create job: POST /jobs/import-async-with-samples-only

Other Improvements

  • Improve UI when reset product for disable shooting type

  • Support to clear property values

    • Multiple values

    • Date/Datetime

  • Update UI for FTP setup

  • Vendor Portal VPI. Manual Sorting and improved UI / UX

  • Editorial. Show error/progress for external post task

  • Add Production type category: VPI & VIdeo for Jobs view & Job slide-in Overview

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed: Gamma: Asset tab filtering with no results

  • Fixed: Gamma: Cannot map images to position

  • Fixed: Gamma: Barcode scanner doesn't work in Gamma

  • Fixed: Gamma: Unable to use free text search for CF Sample Codes

  • Fixed: Gamma: Not automatically updating Style Guide when photo review settings in Workflow are changed

  • Fixed: Gamma: UI issues in [Data Source Mapping] screen

  • Fixed: Gamma: Box Post production vendor > error when update upload folder

  • Fixed: Gamma: Photo review: An error occurred when Add Images in update selection

  • Fixed: Gamma: Color reference can be on for two production types, contrary to Workflow setting

  • Fixed: Gamma: Missed VPI label in slide-in for work unit with Vendor Provided source

  • Fixed: Gamma: Positions out of order on Contact Sheet

  • Fixed: Gamma: Cannot change job deadline

  • Fixed: API: Fix null pointer exception in ElasticSearch service

  • Fixed: API: Send Reject to Bright River is not correct

  • Fixed: API: Error message when trying to upload project images in gamma

  • Fixed: API: Missing resource file

  • Fixed: API: View sharing: can't sort share view to the top of list

  • Fixed: API: Vendor Portal: Not deleting the images in positions after reset task

  • Fixed: API: Wrong select for a lot of the same shooting type

  • Fixed: API: During check in product shows 3 available jobs, when only one visible in Gamma

  • Fixed: API: Stuck task after reset WorkUnit

  • Fixed: API: Category does not update to Default product category

  • Fixed: API: Unable to save Preset due to Invalid Data

  • Fixed: API: Lost permission of vendor

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