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Creative Briefs in Editorial

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Creative briefs in Editorial are an important tool for ensuring that all individuals on a project have a clear understanding of the end goal for a deliverable. Creative briefs travel with a deliverable as it moves through the various stages of the editorial process. Creative briefs can consist of information like photography direction, retouching direction, documents, mood boards, mock-ups, and more.

Creative Briefs in Gamma, Kelvin, and Hue


In Gamma Creative Briefs can be found under the Creative Brief section of the deliverable slide out.


In Kelvin, the Creative Brief is available for the team on set to reference. Simply scan a deliverable barcode in, select the deliverable and click the Creative Brief tab.

You also have the option of viewing the Mood Board and mock-up full screen by clicking on the thumbnails for each section. Expanding the mock-up will also allow the Team on Set to view comments left by the Art Director.


Lastly, the Creative Brief appears directly in the Hue panel for retouchers to reference.

Elements of a Creative Brief

Mood Board

In your Creative Brief, you have the ability to add inspiration images that capture the direction you’d like to see the final assets go. Images can be selected from your computer or dragged and dropped into the upload box on the Moodboard section of the Creative Brief. Accepted file types include PNGs, TIFs, JPGs and PSDs.


Direction is a place for written notes, reminders, and instructions for the team to reference throughout the creative process.


To read more about adding documents to projects click here. Once your project documents have been uploaded to your project, you are able to add the applicable documents to the Document section of the Creative Brief by selecting the plus (+) symbol and searching the document name.


Lastly, you have the option to add mock-ups to your Creative Brief. Mock-ups are a flexible tool that allows your team the ability to pull in images from mood board, location scouting, models, outfits, and props to create a visual representation of the final asset all in one place. To view the full guide on creating mock-ups in Creative Force check out: Creating Mock-up in Editorial.

Printing Creative Briefs

You have the ability to print Creative Briefs on both the Project level and the Deliverable level.

To print a Creative Brief at the Project level, simply navigate to the deliverables tab on the Project page and select "Print Creative Brief" from the Actions menu dropdown.

There are two places where you have the option to print a Creative Brief on the Deliverable level, both are from within the three-dot menu.

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