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Editorial Project Documents

How to add documents to Editorial Projects

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Under 'Components' inside a project, you'll find your project documents. It is here that you can upload any documents associated with your project. Once added, these documents are available in Gamma, Kelvin, and Hue, for Art Directors, Photographers, Retouchers, and everyone in between. A wide range of documents can be uploaded here including PDFs, Powerpoints, slide decks, Word documents and Keynote.

Uploading Documents

To navigate to your documents head to the main project view and select “Documents” from the drop-down menu under Components.

Next, select the blue 'Add' button in the right-hand corner. Here you can choose whether you would like to upload via a file upload from your computer or the other option is to utilize another great feature in Creative Force Editorial, which is the ability to link to a live document via Cloud Resource.

To upload via file upload, simply drag and drop your desired document or select Browse and choose the file from its location on your computer.

To upload via Cloud Resource, copy and paste the file URL into the first field, add a name, and press Save.

Note that we do offer versioning so you are able to keep track of your non-cloud documents and ensure that everyone on the project is working on the same version of the document.

Within the Deliverable slide-out, you have the option to open the Cloud Resource via New Tab.

From within the documents window under the Actions menu, you also have the ability to download and remove selected documents.

Additionally, under Project documents, you are able to view how many deliverables it has been assigned to.

You can download each document individually via the circled arrow or from the three-dot menu. Within the three-dot menu also have the option to remove the document as well as unassign it from all deliverables.

Updating Document Version

To update a non-cloud document to a newer version, select the document from the list and navigate to the New Version button on the right side of the slide-out window. From here you can upload a new version of the document via drag and drop or browse.

Assigning Documents to Deliverables

From the components tab when a deliverable name is selected, a panel will slide out from the right side with more information on your document including an overview of the version history and the deliverables it is assigned to.

The first method for assigning a document to a deliverable is to click the Plus sign on the right side of the slide-out screen and search for the deliverable you would like the document assigned to.

You also have the ability to assign documents to deliverables from the deliverables screen by selecting the Assign button and dragging and dropping a document onto the deliverable. You will notice when you hover a selected document over the deliverable two options appear:

Deliverable: Dropping the document here will add the document to the deliverable. It will be accessible under Components > Documents

Creative Brief: Dropping the document here will add the document to the documents section of the Creative Brief

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