If you are familiar with drag ‘n drop in Kelvin for the photography production in Creative Force, the process for the Video add-on extension will feel familiar.

Images and videos will be shown in your Kelvin watch folder. There will be a small time duration tag on the video thumbnails, this is to help differentiate between photos and videos in the watch folder.

Video player

Here, in Kelvin, you can open the video player either with a double-click action or single-click and hit the spacebar on your keyboard.

In the video player, you will have the option to:

  • Choose the play speed

  • Choose to play on loop

  • Choose the time format

  • Alter the volume

  • Set the star rating filter

Then, either click on ‘X’ to close the player or ‘Esc’ on your keyboard.

Select video

Simply scan a product code and assign the video to the correct position. Kelvin will prevent you from accidentally dropping an image to a video position by showing this error message “File drop is invalid”.

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