Creating Mock-ups in Editorial
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Mock-ups in Editorial are a powerful tool that allows you to pull in images from just about anywhere to create detailed visual aids for your whole team. From photographers to stylists to retouchers, mock-ups help direct and guide the creative process for a deliverable from start to finish.

How to Create a Mock-up

First, you’ll need to navigate to your project within the editorial module. From there, select the deliverable for which you’d like to create a mock-up and select it. Then, navigate to the Creative Brief tab and scroll down to Mock-up.

When you select “Add Mock-up” you’ll be presented with the following window. Here you can select the aspect ratio of the Artboard you'll be working on.

Once you've selected your preferred aspect ratio and hit “Create”

*note that you can add additional artboards of different aspect ratios at any time by selecting the grey '+' icon below the artboard on the left toolbar.

From here, you’ll see a blank canvas as well as any images that are in the system for products that have been assigned to the selected deliverable. These images can be used to help map out where and how products will be used in the scene. Simply drag and drop them onto the canvas.

Images from outside of Creative Force can also be used. For example, your team may want to use an image from a location scout or see how props chosen by the set designer fit will work with the rest of the scene. Simply drag and drop them onto the canvas and resize.

A right-click on any image brings up the following options:

  • Send to back

  • Bring to front

  • Duplicate

  • Remove

  • Remove background*

*remove background is an added feature, reach out to your account contact for more details

The toolbar on the left gives you the following options (hovering over each icon will provide you a handy keyboard shortcut for each tool):

Cursor (v): Select

Pencil (B): Freehand draw and mark up

Line (L): Create lines

Shapes Icons: draw triangles (P), rectangles (R), and spheres (O)

T (T): Add text anywhere on the canvas via a text box

Lines: Change the line weight for shapes and pencil markups

When the T (text) tool is selected, you have the option to change the font, font size, font style (Bold, Italic, Underline), and alignment (left, centered, right) of the text using the text format tool.

The colored circles at the bottom of the toolbar give you the ability to color-code your markings and text in order to link them to instructions written on the right side of the screen. This helps keep notes and instructions clear and organized for the whole team. To color-code your markings to your instructions select the “relate to markings” drop-down under the instructions box and select the corresponding color.

Once you have finished your mock-up and saved it, you will be able to view it under the Creative Brief tab of the deliverable slide-out. Under the mock-up thumbnail, there is a small gray icon. This icon allows you to toggle between mock-ups if there have been multiple created, as well as delete any mock-ups that are no longer needed.

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