Creating Presets in Editorial

How to create and add presets to Editorial Projects

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Presets are a way of defining the output requirements for an image after post-production. In Editorial, presets are set at the client level and are to be assigned on the deliverable level. While each preset outputs one image per deliverable, you are able to stack multiple presets on one deliverable. For example, if your brand is creating an Instagram campaign and needs one image cropped for an Instagram feed post and one for an Instagram story post, you are able to create two presets and assign both to the same deliverable for a total output of two final images. Next, let’s take a look at how to set up your presets.

Creating Presets

First, navigate to the Production tab, on the Editorial column and click Presets. Select the blue “Add” button to create a new preset.

Under the settings tab you can add/edit your preset name, naming convention, client and the preset code.

On the Deliverables tab, if this preset has not been assigned to any deliverables you will see 'no result' here, otherwise, all of the assigned deliverables will be shown here. This is where you can set up the image metadata.

Next, click the tab below called “Spec” to add your specifications for the preset.

Assigning Presets

Now that you have created your presets, it’s time to assign them to a deliverable.

Start by navigating to the Production tab -> Projects and selecting the project from the projects dropdown.

From the deliverables screen, select the deliverable to which you’d like to assign a preset and from the slide in, select the add preset button. Here you can either select your desired preset from the list or search to find.

If a preset was assigned by mistake, you are able to remove it by clicking the small gray “x” on the right corner of the preset name that appears when a cursor hovers over the name.

Below the presets added, Creative Force also provides a preview of the file output name so your team can ensure that once processed, the images will be named correctly.


  • The vendor must return the files with the correct naming as per the preset setup.

  • If the vendor is using FTP or method, when returning, the files must also have the physical files ID kept intact. Learn more about physical files ID here.

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