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June 15th – Sprint 78 Release Notes
June 15th – Sprint 78 Release Notes

Bi-weekly software updates

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We back with some awesome updates for all of you. Let's get to it!

Metadata 10x!

The metadata implementation in Creative Force is a good example of how we iterate and improve our features in Creative Force. Take a look at the metadata timeline:

  • January 30th 2020 (Sprint 42) – We launched our first implementation of metadata rules for output presets. This took us from not having any metadata abilities to having the most robust metadata engine in the business.

  • March 24th 2020 (Sprint 46) – We launched support for custom XMP namespaces. A beautiful feature that helps to avoid field misusage and creates a better foundation for using metadata for transporting data down stream.

  • Today, June 15th 2021 (Sprint 78) – We are launching conditional metadata that allows you to apply logic to your metadata rules. Handling multiple genders, usage rights and general metadata accuracy has never been easier.

The update includes

  • Persist Setting to write empty fields if needed.

  • A new "Photography Date Add" merge field where you can add a certain number of days, weeks, months, years to the photography date.

  • Model property conditions: Make rules based on any model property like gender, hair color, age etc.

Core Initiative: Speed on set

This sprint, we are releasing a new update to Kelvin with shortcuts for assigning a selection of images to a position using the keyboard only.

This is done by pressing CMD (CTRL on Windows) and you will see shortcut indicators show up for each position. Hit the corresponding key and see the image selection hovering over the position. Release the keys.

You can also always CMD (CTRL on Windows) + t to cycle through positions.

In future releases, we will be chasing down mores seconds. We are right now looking at making Kelvin completely mouse-independent, optimizing the confirmation flow and speeding up Capture ONE by managing the capture destination automatically.

Stay tuned for more, and please come with suggestions for how we can make the on set experience even faster.

Color Reference Update

Color references are essential to keep a perfect color balance between production types. Lighting on model sets are often set up to produce a certain look and perfect skin tones – this can impact the product colors.

With this release, we now support locking the color reference generation to a specific production type. Where we previously asked for it on the first production, regardless of the type. But if happens when the other types are produced first? The systems "traffic control logic" will take care of holding back production types.

Let take an example:

  • Color Reference generation is locked to the Mannequin production.

  • On Model is produced first, then Mannequin production a week later.

  • The images from On Model will wait at the first Post-production step with a new status called "Awaiting Color Reference".

  • Once the Mannequin production is ready to move into post-production, all images from both production types will be released at the same time.

Color Reference Support in Vendor Portal

Uploading a color reference in the vendor portal is also supported now when color references are part of the workflow. The same rules apply for when the color reference will be requested.

Other Improvements

  • Kelvin: Capture One Integration: Support session subfolders.

  • Gamma: QC Screen: Remember the last selected background color.

  • Gamma: In the rejection info dialog, the user can now select between displaying all images or rejected images only.

  • Rejected VPI tasks back to Photography will have status as “rejected” and shown at the top of the list like other rejections.

  • Allow sending to External Post from Internal Post (include L2) when External Post was bypassed.

  • Kelvin: Prevent uploading images to VPI task.

  • Data Source: Maintain mapping when column header have different case.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: API: Bug JSON data source not syncing.

  • Fixed: Edited job codes from the public API didn’t sync to ES.

  • Fixed: Images uploaded to a product in the Vendor Portal kept being mapped after reset. These are now released to the images bucket.

  • Fixed: Missing label for styling items when making outfits.

  • Fixed: Filters do not stay applied when in the Production View.

  • Fixed: Slow performance loading PNG previews in External Post QC.

  • Fixed: Contact Sheet does not display team on set data despite it being available.

  • Fixed: Unable to confirm a product with Enter in Kelvin.

  • Fixed: Manually removing images from a Position in Kelvin does not clear the image from being dimmed down.

  • Fixed: Kelvin: Cannot change workspace folder.

  • Fixed: Kelvin: Users can run multiple app instances.

  • Fixed: Kelvin: Cannot hover and hit space bar to open image in crop mode

  • Fixed: Kelvin: Issue when drop images from the non-alts to the alts position.

  • Fixed: Kelvin: Cropped images are shown incorrectly at the first load.

  • Fixed: Kelvin: Open photo swipe when input product code includes space

  • Fixed: Kelvin: Capture One backup assistant does not back up all files.

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