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Reversible cropping in Internal Post
Reversible cropping in Internal Post
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Image cropping usually happens at the Photography step by the Photographer. With Kelvin and Capture One integration, the Art Director can reverse the cropping and apply a new one to meet the style or brand’s requirements.

However, there will be times when the requirements can be changed later on by your customer. In the Clients settings in Gamma, you can decide when the Reversible Cropping can be applied.

There are two options:

  • Apply server side before post-production:

The crop will be applied on the image before sending it out to the first external post-production. This means that if you download the assets of the steps before the first external post-production, these assets are not cropped. If External Post is bypassed, the crop will still be applied right before this step is bypassed

  • Apply in Photoshop when possible (Keep cropped pixels):

Hue will automatically use Photoshop to crop the image or you can undo the crop at this stage

After clicking ‘Save’, the setting will be applied to the tasks that have not started at the Photography step. Tasks that have already passed the Photography step will need to be reset back to this step as Reversible cropping starts at this step. More info about Reversible in Kelvin can be found here.

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