Troubleshooting Data Source issues
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When using a Data Source to import jobs and keep products updated you may run into some issues.

The following article goes over some common troubleshooting steps.

Product availability on Data Source

This is a quick tip on how to check if a product is available on the Data Source and also double-check the product properties that are available there.

To check that right from within CF, you would want to go over to the Jobs View and from here create a job using the “scan” function:

If you get the following error message it is very likely that the product is not part of the Data Source file(s) and we suggest double-checking the file itself to confirm the product availability:

While, if the product is available on the Data Source file you will get the following view after scanning/manually inputting the code:

On the left side, you will see all of the properties that are available on the data source allowing you to double-check the property values.

Add new columns to the Data Source file

The data you would like to ingest in the system may change from time to time and it's possible to add additional columns to the Data Source file. There are different ways to achieve that and different steps you would like to follow based on the file type you use.

We’ll guide you through the different scenarios below:

Update by using JSON file:

When using a JSON file to import and keep products updated and wanting to add a new property that needs to be mapped, you need to ensure that on the updated Data Source file the very first product on that list, contains a value for the new property you are adding. These changes will then reflect on any new product that is getting imported into the system.

If you want to have the newly added property available on products that already exist in the system you may want to perform a manual update on a product or jobs level:

Update without Delta updates:

If you want to add a new property to your existing Data Source file and in order for Creative Force to sync the new property through, you would either need to upload a new Data Source file or if you want to keep the existing one, change the Data Source settings, save and then change them back in order for CF to resync the data.

Note: We suggest changing the file path (by, for instance, adding a space to the file name), saving, changing back, and then resaving.

Update with Delta file:

You may have updates coming through a Delta file (further information here). When using this method and wanting to add new properties, you would need to consider the following:

  • The filename must always have an increment for Creative Force to know which file is the latest. We suggest naming the files with a date/time stamp in the format YYYYMMDD. For example Delta_20230602.

  • The headers of each column in the delta files must exactly match those of the original file.

  • The new property columns need to be added on the latest Delta file plus the original(main) file.

Error messages

There are two common error messages that can come up when working with Data Source and using the Delta upload.

Product code not found

Despite having the Delta files named correctly you can see this error. That usually means that the columns of the Delta files and the Main file do not match. Please make sure to always use the exact same naming convention (eg. the capital and lowercase letters can not be switched)

No new Delta file

When seeing the below error message, it can be an indication that the file name of the Delta file has not been set up correctly.

Please make sure to follow the naming as described under the section “Update with Delta file”.

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