In this article, I'll describe the steps to follow to create a job by scanning received samples. 

Click the 'Create Job' button in the top right corner of the Jobs Page 

Click the 'From Scan' option.
Please note, you'll only see this option if you have a Data Source set up

Select the correct client and give the job a name. You can also set a deadline for the job to be completed and add a description and notes.

Gamma is now listening for the scan

Scan the first sample label (or manually enter the product code).
Gamma will search for the product in the data source and then display the code entered via the scan and the resultant product properties. 

Click the 'Add' button (or the 'Return' key on your keyboard) to add the product to the job.
Repeat until you have added all of the samples received, then click 'Continue'

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