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The asset tab is where you can see all the products at any step and download the assets when needed. The Assets View is similar to the production view, you can customize your asset view with a set of filters.

Selecting an image and right-clicking, you will have the option to view it in full screen, download the image, make a contact sheet, and show information about the product.

Here, you can save a list to use as a contact sheet for your client for example. Or you can download the selected assets by clicking 'Actions' -> 'Download Selected'.

So for instance, if you are a photographer and you want to see all the work that you have shot by the end of the day, you can save a view for quick access. Or if you want to see only the Hero images by Clients, this will be useful for you.

You can change the thumbnail size and sort the display order.

The default view always shows ‘All assets’, but you can customize your own view and then save it for easy access!

  1. Filter the needed information you need to see

Note: If you filter for Product or Job code, for example, the number of default values displayed in the dropdown is 30 values, enter a specific code to find it.

2. Save a new view or discard the changes

3. Name the view you just created

4. You can later access this view in the drop-down menu under ‘Assets' and move the order of the view as well.


‘All asset’ is a default view so you cannot delete it, you can only duplicate this view. With other asset views that you created, you can either rename, delete or duplicate it.

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