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Kelvin - preparing for the shoot
Kelvin - preparing for the shoot

How to get Kelvin correctly set up ahead of your shoot

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Computer location

The first time you open Kelvin you will be asked to define the location of your workstation - typically this will be the name of your set. Having set up a location for your workstation, every time you scan a sample in Kelvin the location of the sample will be updated accordingly.

You can set up the location by selecting from a list of locations and sub-locations previously defined by your Creative Force administrators.

Once you have confirmed your set location you can check the 'Don't ask me again' tick-box to avoid seeing this screen when you next log in.

Click 'Save' to confirm your set location.

Team on Set

Before you commence shooting, you will want to set up the team that will work with you on the shoot. Adding the other members of your team allows Creative Force to associate all of the people who worked on the set with the images uploaded.

When you log in to Kelvin you will be presented with the 'Team on Set' screen.

Here you can search for the other members of your shoot team and add them to your team on set. If your team members have multiple Skills you can scroll through their Skills by clicking the circular arrows icon next to the 'Remove' button.

Select the Skill they will be using on the set today.

Finally, confirm the type of set you are working on by selecting the correct option from the 'Shooting' drop-down menu.

Then Click 'OK'

You can change your team members at any time by clicking on the team member icons in the bottom left of the screen and then click 'Edit'

Set up the Watched Folder

Finally, define the folder on your workstation where you will output the images you wish to upload from Kelvin.

Having created the folder click 'Command' + 'O'. Navigate to your chosen output folder and click 'Open'.

You are now ready to start your shoot.

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