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Property display & Alert settings
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Properties are an efficient way to make information available to your production team, however, having too many properties might make it difficult to focus on the primary information. With this in mind, Creative Force now offers you a way to display and emphasize the properties how you wish.

Navigate to Studio settings -> Data Management -> Properties -> Display & Alert settings. This is where you can define the order of the properties, select which properties are visible to which team, or set up the alerts depending on each entity of the properties.

For each property entity (Product, Outfit, Job, etc...), you will see the default setting and can override this setting on the client level and in each step of the workflow.

Here, you will see four columns, respectively starting from the left:

  • The first column: You can see the default settings applied to all clients. You can also select each client to modify the settings as you wish.

  • The second column: The first section ‘Where’ are the places in Gamma wherein you can see the properties. The second one ‘Workflow’ are the steps where you can see the properties.

Product detail left panel: When you click 'view' a product, it will be in the product detail view.

Assets contact sheet: Right-click an image in the Assets tab, select 'Contact sheet from Selection'.

Preview overlay: When you click the 'eye icon' in the product slide-in.

  • The third column: All of the properties you have available on your account.

  • The fourth column: All of the properties you can see on the panel you select in the second column.

In the above example, I have selected client ‘Lunar Studio’.

  • From the “where” column, I chose to show the properties in the Product panel and in the Kelvin confirm product dialog.

  • Quickly visible properties: brand, category, product code, product name, size, and style notes.

  • Setting order and alerts: Brand -> Category -> Color-> Product Code -> Product created date -> Product Name-> Style Code -> Vendor material code. The alert is set on Brand, Category and Color

Once saved, in the product panel, you will see the below. The alerted properties are emphasized with a different color and an exclamation mark.

Setting the order of visibility to the properties and emphasizing the important ones will help your team focus on the necessary data, save time, and minimize mistakes. But of course, your team still can see all the properties to have more context if needed by clicking ‘Show all’.


  • If the property is not turned on for visibility meaning that you have to click ‘Show all’ to see the property, then it cannot be set to have an alert.

  • If the property value is empty, it cannot be set to have an alert.

  • Properties without values will be hidden from the contact sheet and the preview overlay but still be shown as ‘empty’ according to the settings you have defined.

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