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Style Guide 'Internal Post-Production'
Style Guide 'Internal Post-Production'

Add/edit the Internal Post-Production Briefing on the Style Guide

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Depending on your workflow, you will see the settings for Style Guide - Internal Post. To access the Style guide settings, navigate to the Production tab and from the menu choose Style Guides.

Style Guide 'Internal Post-Production'

Hover over a Style Guide and click ‘Edit’. Select ‘Internal Post’ in the left-hand menu.

This is where you create a general instruction for the whole Style guide. The Style Guide will be used by the internal post-production team as a reference for what the final images should look like and aids in ensuring images output from the Internal Post Production step are cohesive. All information added to this section is accessible for the editors via our HUE app.


Add/edit written instructions for the editor to retouch the images. For example, your team may require:

  • Light skin retouching: edit blemishes but keep skin texture natural overall

  • Remove flyaway hairs

  • Remove scuffs, marks, or fingerprints on the product

File upload

Add/edit files as an additional briefing for internal post-production.

Good / Bad examples

Add/edit good and/or bad examples to illustrate the editing requirements. Good/bad examples provide your team with an aid to help demonstrate visually what past images look like when executed in a way that meets requirements. This helps to ensure the team is on the same page when it comes to retouching expectations at the internal post-production stage.

After filling in the information and uploading images to be used as examples, click ‘save’ then you will be good to go!

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