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How to set up a Post-Production vendor in Creative Force

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Creative Force can integrate with any post production vendor that you work with, via FTP, or a native integration.

How to add a Post-Production vendor

To set up a Post-Production vendor in Creative Force, navigate to the main menu in the top right corner and click on "Studio Settings" and select 'External Post-Production'.

You will find the list of existing created vendors and have the option to add another/new one.

Click on "Add" and you will see a popup where you can enter the name of the vendor and choose the connection type. We currently support FTP, Pixelz Integration,, and Bright River Integration.

Once you click 'Add', you will be prompted to the post-production dialog to set up the connection to the vendor and other settings.

Under Vendor Information, you can edit the vendor's name and set the vendor's working time zone. Setting up the time zone here, you will be able to choose which time zone, either the Client Time Zone or any other global time zones, will be used when generating folders during the External Post step.

Under Connection Settings, depending on which type of integration you have chosen earlier, you will see a different UI here. Read further below to see the differences.

Using FTP

If you use "FTP" then you will see a popup where you can enter all the details for the connection to the "FTP" such as Username, Host, Password, Upload/Download folder, etc. Make sure the Creative Force has the right permission to deliver to the "FTP".

Note: If you are choosing SSH File Transfer Protocol with the private key, the maximum length of the private key allowed is 4096 bits.

Further information can be found here.

Using the Pixelz Integration

If you are working with Pixelz as a post-production vendor, you will be able to take advantage of our native integration. We have a dedicated article here on how to set up Pixelz as a post-production vendor.

Using Box. com

You will be required to fill in the necessary information to connect to We have a detailed article on how to connect to here.

Using Bright River Integration

To read on how to connect Bright River, please click here.

Using Creative Force Gateway API

If you have your own automated post-production platform, you can integrate it with Creative Force via API. Simply fill in your Webhook Payload URL, the two systems can communicate with each other and streamline your process.

After clicking Save, you are brought to the below window where you can see a secret key is generated, and the connection is created!

Once the integrations have been set up, you will be able to see the status of all of the post production vendor connections via the main "Post Production" page.

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