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Apply Updates to Individual Production Types - Enable/Disable Variants
Apply Updates to Individual Production Types - Enable/Disable Variants
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Got more variants than you need? Need to add a new one? Our new functionality around applying Style Guide updates will let you do that without disrupting progress on other production types.

To add a variant, you’ll first want to make sure the latest version of the workflow has a post-production step included. If it has both Internal and External Post steps, you’ll also want to assign which stage variant fan-out should take place:

Once that’s set, you will want to navigate to the Assets tab of the style guide and assign a preset to the desired position:

From this page you can also de-select variants or select "No Preset" to remove the variants entirely.

After adjusting the presets on the style guide, you can either choose to Save and navigate to the Apply Updates page or Save & Apply to be brought directly to the Apply Updates page to apply the style guide changes to the desired production types.

For production types that have not reached the post-production stage where variant fan-out takes place, you can choose the action Apply Updates Without Resetting.

For production types that are past the variant fan-out stage, you will need to Apply Updates & Reset to [External or Internal] Post (whichever Post step variants are set to fan out):

For production types that did not receive any changes to the presets, you can select “Do Not Apply Updates”.

Note: If you have made additional changes to your workflow, this option may not be available. See our Workflow Changes chart for more details. In this case, you would need to reset the Production Type back to Photography, which will result in a loss of work.

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