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Apply Updates to Individual Production Types- Adding A Production Type
Apply Updates to Individual Production Types- Adding A Production Type
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On occasion, you may find yourself needing to add a production type to a product after production has started. With Apply Updates, you can now do this without disrupting progress on existing production types!

To add a production type, you will first need to go to the latest version of the associated workflow. Under the Settings tab, you will have the option to select additional production types:

Once you have done so, you will need to set up the Post-Production and Asset Delivery settings for the new production type:

Once those are set up, click Save on the workflow. Changing a workflow will require the associated style guides to be validated. To do so, select 'Go to Style Guides'

On the style guide page, you will see any invalidated style guides marked with an '!' icon:

To validate a style guide, select 'Edit' and make any necessary adjustments to the new production type, then click 'Save' or 'Save & Apply'. The style guide will now be validated and ready for use.

If you choose 'Save & Apply', you will be taken directly to the Apply Updates page:

Otherwise, you can go to Apply Updates at any time and filter by the style guide you have just updated to add the new production type:

When adding a production type, you only need to select one production type for a product in the Apply Updates page (You can select more, but only one is necessary).

For that production type, you will just need to select any Action option that starts with “Apply Updates”, with or without reset:

You can then select Apply and the new production type will be added to the selected products.

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