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Copywriting Dashboard
Copywriting Dashboard
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If you have the copywriting add-on module enabled on your account you will also have access to the following copywriting reports on the Insights tab.

Those can be found under the “Extension Reports”:

Copywriting production:

This dashboard offers an overview of your Copywriting throughput. With real-time data visualizations, you can monitor the throughput of ongoing copywriting projects, and track the allocation of tasks among team members. For Copywriting and Copywriting QC, this dashboard features a chart to track throughput over time, a breakdown of total tasks by User, and a dynamic heatmap illustrating Copywriting activity:

Copywriting Edit reason:

The "Copywriting Edit Reason" dashboard dives into the editing process of your copywriting projects. It provides insightful analysis on the types of edits performed, reasons for edits, and common patterns in feedback. By categorizing and visualizing editing trends, this dashboard helps you uncover recurring issues, identify training needs for your copywriting team, and refine your Copywriting guidelines. This dashboard includes a count of the number of Production Types that have received an edit, the number of fields edited, and a graph showing the edit reasons by field. In the second part of the dashboard, the total edit rate is displayed as well as a graph showing edits over time compared to total production:

Copywriting Cycle time:

The "Copywriting Cycle Time" dashboard is your key to achieving efficiency in the process. This dashboard offers a detailed breakdown of the time taken in the copywriting process. By analyzing cycle times for various projects, you can pinpoint areas of delay and implement strategies to improve your Copywriting production. The dashboard starts off with a visualization of the average cycle time for Copywriting and Copywriting QC split by Production Type. The dashboard then splits into two sections for Copywriting and Copywriting QC. Each has the identical structure, containing an overview of the average cycle time, as well as a histogram that visualizes the distribution of cycle times.

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