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Kelvin Idle Reaction Settings
Kelvin Idle Reaction Settings
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Setting Up Kelvin Idle Reaction

Kelvin Idle Reaction settings ensure that if Kelvin has been open for a set period time and no action has taken place, the program will automatically log out or have the user confirm Location or Team on Set. This is useful for both security as well as offering a double-check that the Team on Set and Location is still accurate even after long breaks such as walking away for lunch or a meeting.

The Kelvin Idle Reaction Settings can be found in the general Kelvin settings. Head to the three-dot menu in the lower-lefthand corner of the program:

When does the system consider Kelvin Idle?

Kelvin is considered Idle when the following conditions are met:

  • User is logged in

  • There has been no barcode scanning action

  • There has been no button clicked

  • There are no transfers uploading

  • There are no new images created in the working folder

When one of the above conditions is not matched, Kelvin will go back into working mode.

Other quick notes to consider:

  • As soon as a user logs in, Kelvin is in working mode.

  • When no user is logged in, Kelvin has no mode.

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