Creative Force can give you all the flexibility in the way you work, from skipping Final Selection or Photo Review step to bypassing External Post-production. You can choose to push a single product or a single position forward by bypassing the External Post-production.

Please note that if you have a preset with multiple variants and have selected External Post to be your fan out step, then it is not possible to skip External Post.

Bypass External Post on the product level

This can be accessed via the three-dot menu on the product slide-in or the Actions button on the Products page and Production page.

Please note that this action is only valid for products that are currently in External Post Step. All affected products will be sent to the next step.

Bypass External Post on the position level

Speaking of positions, in order to skip External Post on the position level you will need to navigate to the Style Guide. From here, go to the Photography tab and then select the Settings of each position. You can see a section called ‘Bypass external post’, simply turn the toggle on and click ‘update’.

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