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Style Guide, as stated in the name, is the guideline to style your products. Style guide actions will allow you to centrally keep the products on the latest version of the workflow/ style guide and to manage all of the category triggers tidy for easy mapping of the products later on.

1. Apply updates

After changing the workflow and/or style guide, you will need to apply the changes to the products. Keep in mind that this action cannot be undone.

Learn more about Apply updates to production types here.

On the left side menu, you will be able to filter the products by Clients, Workflow, and Style Guide. By default, In Progress products will be excluded from the list. You can tick the box if you want to find these products.

2. Re-triggers mapping

Style guides are triggered based on the category of the product. This list contains products that, if they were imported today, would be assigned to different style guides.

3. Style guide category mapping

You have the ability to edit the category triggers in each style guide under a specific client. This is a two-step action.

  • Download: you can download a list of the category triggers under a specific client.

  • Upload: edit the excel file you just downloaded and then upload it back to Creative Force. In the file, these three columns need to stay untouched: Style Guide ID, Is Style Guide enabled, and Client’s name. You can edit these two columns: Style guide name and Triggers. You need to separate each category trigger with a semicolon “;”.

4. Unassigned categories

With this action, you can see the list of all the unassigned category triggers you have on each style guide under a specific client. You will have the option to:

  • Download selected: download the list of unassigned category triggers and at the same time delete this list from Creative Force

  • Delete selected: delete all the lists from the system

5. Add category triggers

You are able to select the client and then paste a list of category triggers to the box. Each row should only contain one value.

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