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Editorial Deliverable Properties

Create and Use Deliverable Properties in Editorial

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Properties are a way to add data to different areas of your Creative Force instance. Editorial Deliverable Properties allows you to enrich your deliverables with unique data that can be used in reporting and filtering.

Where to find Editorial Deliverable Properties

Browse to the main menu in the top right corner of Gamma and select "Studio Settings". In the left sub-menu, click on the "Properties" tab. Here you will see a list of properties by entity - click the dropdown to reveal all of the available entities onto which you can add properties.

The following properties are unique to Editorial work in Creative Force:

  • Editorial Project Properties

  • Editorial Deliverable Properties

The following properties are shared between Ecomm and Editorial:

  • Product Properties

  • Sample Properties

  • User Properties

  • Location Properties

  • Container Properties


For Editorial, the maximum number of values in a List type property is 200. If the value exceeds this number, all the values in that list will not be synced.

Reserved Editorial Deliverable Property Definitions

Reserved Properties are created by default within Creative Force. Some reserved Editorial Deliverable Properties may be required for deliverable creation, however, most are optional.

The table below outlines the different reserved properties for Editorial Deliverables.

Property Name



Editorial Deliverable Code


The system assigns a unique code to every deliverable.

Editorial Deliverable Name


The name of your deliverable - this is the only required field. Usually, this will be the name of the shot.

Editorial Deliverable Output Name


This property can be used as a unique identifier in your file naming template.

Custom Editorial Deliverable Properties

It’s possible to create any amount of custom properties on Editorial projects. The deliverable properties that you create and save will also appear as empty fields to fill out when you are creating a new project.

Create a new custom property by hitting the blue button "Add Property”. Select the entity and property type you want to create and give it a name. Click Save.

Note: Never change the name or delete a property that is already used in imported data.

Filter using Editorial Deliverables Properties

The Editorial Deliverable Properties that you set up are used as filters and column names in the Deliverables and Production tabs, as well as filters on the deliverables list within your projects.

This means that you can use these properties to customize your Production and Deliverables views using the filtering option for Deliverable Properties. These views can be saved to more efficiently manage your work at a glance.

How to Manually Add Editorial Properties to Projects and Deliverables

To update an existing project with project properties, navigate to “All” under Editorial Projects.

From the three-dot menu, select “Edit Project” and select the Properties tab.

From here, you’ll see all custom properties that were created under your studio settings. Simply fill out the fields and press “Save”.

Similarly, to add update deliverable properties, navigate to the project in Editorial, and select “Edit Deliverable” from the three-dot menu.

Under the Properties tab are all custom property fields created on the deliverable level, complete the fields to add your data and press “Save”.

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