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December 20th – Sprint 117 Release Notes
December 20th – Sprint 117 Release Notes

Bi-weekly software updates

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We’re back with another round of sprint release notes! 🎉 Happy reading!

Editorial Updates

We’re back with a highly requested capability - the ability to leverage star ratings and cropping throughout the selection process in Editorial workflows! 🎉


Creative Force now passes cropping and star rating data from Capture One → Kelvin → Gamma when working in Editorial.

Throughout the entire process of choosing selects in Kelvin, Pre-Selection in Gamma, and Final Selection in Gamma, now you can:

  • Rate and filter by star ratings.

  • Enter cropping mode to edit existing crops or make new ones.

  • Use Editorial presets to crop to specific ratios or dimensions.


With Editorial projects, a commonly used tactic when making selections is leveraging star ratings all the way from Capture One through the selection process.

Now in the Editorial module, you can whittle down selects from 100s to 5 using the same star rating method everyone knows and loves, at each stage of the selection process!

New Connectors


The Orbitvu connector is now out of beta and can be enabled in your account. When enabled, you will be able to create Orbitvu production types and ultimately connect your Orbitvu machines and let the assets flow directly into Creative Force.

Nuxeo DAM Connector

If you are using the Nuxeo Content Management platform, it is now possible to connect Creative Force and have finalized assets automatically delivered into Nuxeo. This will ensure data accuracy in Nuxeo and remove any manual download/upload tasks for your team.

Other Improvements

  • Open the active image in preview (via space bar) while in crop mode.

  • Import Job paging implementation.

  • Restructure Event Tracking - Phase 1.

  • Apply allow-list of extension for imported files.

  • UI refactoring of the Settings.

  • Elasticsearch issues and solutions (Nov 2022)

  • Marking Internal Studios on Production

Bug Fixes

  • GAMMA: FIXED: Photo Review: Scroll error with dimension name in the cropping dialog.

  • GAMMA: FIXED: Unable to crop newly uploaded images in Final Selection.

  • GAMMA: FIXED: Photography kanban: Incorrect image count.

  • GAMMA: FIXED: Error on Property and Display Alerts Settings.

  • GAMMA: FIXED: Unexpected results when filtering by Step Ready date.

  • GAMMA: FIXED: Result not updating when filter is removed.

  • API: FIXED: Nuxeo Delivery option returning "Not Working" error message

  • API: FIXED: Show undefined error message when uploading images in Final Selection

  • API: FIXED: Error if input space between merge fields

  • API: FIXED: Color ref image not getting displayed

  • API: FIXED: Cannot edit the download folder of Box

  • API: FIXED: Cannot import Color Reference Image from Color Ref URL

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