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Creating outfits in Chroma
Creating outfits in Chroma

How to style 'Shop the look' with Creative Force

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Creative Force supports “Shop The Look” via our outfits function, providing your customers with a set of items already styled. Creating a styling set requires a lot of back and forth communication but with Outfits it is possible in a few short steps.

The styling set is called Outfits in Creative Force and there are three places where you can create outfits: in Gamma, in Kelvin, and in Chroma.

  • Create outfits in Gamma here

  • Create outfits in Kelvin here

With Chroma, it’s very easy to go through all your samples and create the outfit at the same time. For example, you can scan two products continuously and then choose ‘Create outfit’ in the quick actions. Chroma will then ask you to choose which product as a primary product.


To create outfits in Gamma you will need to have permission to edit Samples and Products.

If the production is already in progress, Chroma will show you these below options:

  • Create new outfit: create a new outfit in a new set of production tasks but still in the same production type. This means that you will have two On Model production types with the below example.

  • Add to existing tasks: create a new outfit in the same production type that is in progress.

After scanning all the products to make your outfit, you can hit Save to finish creating the outfit. You can then add more or reorder the secondary products in the outfit.

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