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Hue Tasks panel overview
Hue Tasks panel overview

General use of HUE Photoshop panel

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Hue is our desktop application that allows photo retouching teams to better manage their post-production workflows. Hue has two components, a standalone desktop app, where you can manage all of your tasks, and a Photoshop extension that allows you to manage the images you are editing within Photoshop.

You can download HUE from the below link for both Windows and macOS:​

This article will walk you through how to use Hue Tasks panel.

Click here to learn about Hue Bulk Actions panel.

Hue Tasks panel

You need to pick a task or more via Hue desktop app. Once you are ready to start working on your first task, all you have to do is click open and Photoshop will open with the task ready and waiting for you! You can open multiple tasks in Hue at once.

You can also change the interface of the Hue panel within Photoshop, read more about it here.

With the Hue Tasks panel, you will be able to see all the images in that set that you need to edit along with relevant examples if available. These examples are set in the style guide Internal Post-production.

Next to the thumbnail image, you will see a pencil icon to show that this image has markings and a text icon to show that this image has instructions on it.

When you are done working on an image you can export it in the appropriate format, or make any adjustments that are needed. These output requirements are set according to your presets and HUE will show all the needed information.

Once an image has been exported a green bar will appear under it, indicating that it has been exported successfully. If the variant is not fanned out correctly per the preset, the bar will be orange.


  • Use “shift+ctrl+e” or “shift+meta+e” to Export an image.

  • Use “ctrl+shift+alt+e” or “ctrl+shift+meta+e” to Export all images.

Once the whole set of images has been exported, you will see a green Upload button appear and you can then, upload the full set. You can either export a single image or use the button Export All for the whole set of images.

As per the default upload logic, HUE will:

  • Do one product upload at each time

  • Upload two images at each time

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