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How to access Hue panels within Photoshop
How to access Hue panels within Photoshop
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Hue has two panels, one is Hue Bulk Actions and the other is Hue Tasks. Opening a task in Hue will automatically open Photoshop. You will then can head to Plugins -> Hue and you will find the Hue panels there.

When you try to open Hue Bulk Actions panel, it requires you to grant permission. This is because Hue cannot access your workspace folder.

What you can do is follow the steps in the message. Go to the Hue Tasks panel and grant Hue the permissions.

  • Click ‘Locate Workspace’

  • Select the folder as shown in the folder path

  • Click ‘Open’

After selecting the correct workspace folder, you will be able to see the assigned tasks ready to work.

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