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December 6th – Sprint 116 Release Notes
December 6th – Sprint 116 Release Notes

Bi-weekly software updates

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We’re back with another round of sprint release notes! 🎉 Happy reading!

Editorial Updates

Pre-Selection in Gamma


In editorial, we have now enhanced the "Selection" tab to provide the ability to execute Pre-Selection in Gamma.

  • We have renamed the Selection tab to Pre-Selection.

  • The user is now able to expand the Pre-Selection UI and choose their selects in a new and dynamic fullscreen grid!

  • We have also added additional real-time production tracking - the user is now able to see photography completion date/time & status in the workflow.


Today the user is trying to make selects for a large number of images in editorial. Previously, they could only view images to make initial selections in a small part of the screen.

We have enhanced this screen to improve the overall user experience when deciding on initial selects.

Final Selection Step


Final Selection is now available as a step for editorial workflows!

  • Pre-assign Final Selection or have your applicable team members pick an available task in the Final Selection Kanban screen.

  • Execute Final Selection from the Final Selection Kanban screen, just like with Ecomm.

  • Review selected images in a dynamic grid and update selection as applicable before sending to post production.

  • Choose from and swap alternate images, or even upload new images if needed.


Typical editorial workflows require a process of whittling down selects from a large number of images. This process often happens sequentially and is executed by different users along the way.

With both the newly enhanced Pre-Selection screen to identify initial selects and the Final Selection step in your workflow, you now have 2 opportunities for different team members to make and review selects!

Other Improvements

  • New options in Studio Settings around handling identical filename deliveries to your delivery location

  • In Kelvin, users can now create a new outfit and production tasks from the "No Production Tasks" screen

  • Display warning when saving a workflow without Asset Delivery enabled

  • Display External Post warning in Style Guide when data is invalid

  • Automatically reload results after applying Style Guide updates / re-triggering Style Guide mapping

Bug Fixes

  • FIXED: GAMMA: Filter view: Remove [Paste from Spreadsheet] function from incompatible filters

  • FIXED: GAMMA: Error allowing task list to be re-filtered while actively applying Style Guides or Re-Triggering Style Guide Mapping

  • FIXED: GAMMA: Error when uploading a reference image twice within Create & Edit Outfit screens

  • FIXED: GAMMA: Error screen when viewing Style Guides and Workflows after disabling a client

  • FIXED: GAMMA: Unable to save Style Guide (button is grayed-out after making change)

  • FIXED: GAMMA: Sample Overview Slide-In not showing Reference or Color Reference Images in between tabs

  • FIXED: GAMMA: Filter view displaying unexpected results when filtering for Contains “,”

  • FIXED: GAMMA: Edited Samples not displaying reflecting updates in exported CSV

  • FIXED: GAMMA: Error when editing Variant-Specific Metadata

  • FIXED: GAMMA: Inconsistencies with Backlog Products showing in Filtered view and CSV Export

  • FIXED: GAMMA: Products disappear from Kanban View after applying filter

  • FIXED: GAMMA: History Viewer & Hi-Res Settings not being remembered in QC Tasks

  • GIXED: GAMMA: QC Tasks not moving to Done Column in Kanban while processing

  • FIXED: GAMMA: Unexpected Behavior when Rejecting Tasks in Editorial Post QC

  • FIXED: GAMMA: Download Asset option is disabled in Editorial Deliverable slide-in

  • FIXED: GAMMA: Download Assets modal not consistent between Editorial Production & Deliverable slide-in screens

  • FIXED: GAMMA: Error when removing document from Editorial Project

  • FIXED: KELVIN: Cannot submit log exception

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