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May 18th – Sprint 76 Release Notes
May 18th – Sprint 76 Release Notes

Bi-weekly software updates

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New Hybrid Approach

Today we have launched a new hybrid Post-production approach.

  • Internal → External with exception handling

This approach can be used when you wish to perform internal post-production before the images are sent to external post. When the images come back from external post, you can then perform final touch-up internally on a second internal post step. Otherwise, the images will be approved and the post process completed.

Kelvin UX Improvements

  • We have improved the performance while reading Capture One cropping info.

  • Preview images: Handle better “Space bar” to hide and show the Preview screen.

  • Loop through selected shots in preview mode.

  • Maintain columns when moving between bursts.

  • Better viewport management when keyboard navigation.

  • Make the position example image clickable to be viewed in full size.

  • When making a crop in the Preview, we will display a “Cancel” + “Apply” button to apply or cancel the change.

  • When dragging and releasing in the thumbs grid, we will not remove the selection.

  • Press “BACKSPACE” and “Delete” to remove an image from the drop zone.

Other Improvements

  • API: Don’t import outfits of skipped products during job import.

  • API: Better Cover Image Logic for products.

  • API: Improve web socket to refresh Kanbans & Production View.

  • API: Fix mismatch on ES sync.

  • Gamma: Rename existing "Hybrid" workflow to "Hybrid (External ➞ Internal)".

  • Gamma: Display the variant fan-out for "Outsourcing with exception handling".

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: API: Incorrect logic in Create Outfit API.

  • Fixed: Not Show Rejection Info in Internal Post screen

  • Fixed: Gamma: Sync ES: Production View: Production type status.

  • Fixed: Gamma: Export CSV from Production View is showing blank values in the sample "Checked In" field.

  • Fixed: Gamma: Filters on Assets keep form content after being closed.

  • Fixed: Kelvin: Uploader Service sometimes stops running due to unreadable user access token.
    Fixed: Kelvin: Capture One Cropping Sometimes fails to show up in Kelvin.

  • Fixed: Kelvin: Slow loading of previews.

  • Fixed: Hue: Red Rejection marker (in the Photoshop Panel) only show in the asset that has been rejected and belong to Internal Post step.

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