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How delivery matrix works
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Delivery matrix is a feature in Creative Force that allows you to designate the final delivery location of each image you produced without the “matrix confusions”. This article will show you how this works in Gamma.

The set-up

First thing first, before moving to the Delivery matrix part, you will need to set up the additional delivery option(s) under your Client(s) and then your workflow settings.

Click here to learn more about adding Delivery options to your Clients.

Click here to learn more about adding Delivery destinations to your Workflows.

How it works

To designate which image of which production type go to which delivery location, head to your Style guide -> Assets -> Delivery matrix.

The style guide in this example is as follows:

  • Position 1 is called Main, and requires one Main image and two variants

  • Position 2 is called Back, and requires one Main image

  • Position 3 is called Details, and requires one Main image


  • If your workflow does not enable Asset delivery, you will not see the Delivery Matrix option in the style guide.

  • The checkbox you see in the style guide is to confirm whether a variant of the main image is requested or not. This checkbox is different from the one inside the delivery matrix - this one is to confirm if the variant needs to be delivered.

Upon clicking Deliver Matrix, you will see the matrix box appear. Check the box if you want the image to be delivered, uncheck the box if you don’t want to have it in your final location.

To add more delivery locations, you will need to follow the set-up instructions as mentioned at the beginning of this article.

In this example delivery matrix, I have two delivery locations: Fresh FTP and Cloudinary Test. The Front main image will only be delivered to the Cloudinary Test. The rest of the images will be delivered to both locations.

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