How to Request a Custom Label

Step by step guide for requesting a custom label

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Creative Force offers a few options for built-in sample labels that can have your team off and running with little set-up time. There may be times, however, when your studio is using a label in a custom size, or when your team requires certain properties that are not included on the sample labels built into every instance of Creative Force. Luckily, our team is able to create custom samples labels to fit every label size and allow for your team to include all information helpful and necessary for your sample team to be successful.

How to submit a custom sample label request

To submit a custom sample label request, we recommend reaching out to your CSM or sending a message to our Customer Support team through the in-app chat support who can help ensure all necessary information is gathered and gets to the right place.

The team will need the following information to complete the request:

Sample Label Size

Please provide the exact size of the sample labels you will be using.


Your team will need to decide which value they would like assigned to the barcode on the sample label. The barcode can be associated with any of the following data:

  • CF Sample Code

  • Custom/Internal Sample Code

  • Product Code

If your team would like more than one barcode on the label, this is possible, just be sure to let the CF team member helping you with the request know how many barcodes are needed and which product/sample code you would associated with each.


You can include any properties you would like on the Sample Label, including product, sample and job properties. You’ll need to provide a list of the properties you would like included to the CF team.

Sample Label Name

Finally, please provide a name for the label that the development team will use when adding your label to your instance of Creative Force.


Once you’ve provided all of the necessary information, our team will draft a sample of the label and share that with your team for approval. It is at this stage that you can make changes, move things around, adjust the size of the text etc.

Example Sample Label Draft:

Final Steps

Once the label looks the way you want it, we will submit the final version to the development team to build and publish within your instance of Creative Force. The current turnaround time for a custom sample label is two weeks. The finished label will be available for you to use within Studio Settings > Network Configurations > Layout

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