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Troubleshooting: Deleting samples
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Sometimes, you might see in your instance that there are some duplicated samples or samples that you no longer need and you would like to tidy things up by deleting them. You may encounter that this is not always possible, and this article will help to explain the logic behind it.

The following scenarios will not allow a sample to be deleted.

  1. If the sample is the last sample in a pool, and this pool is using a product in another job, then we will not delete it. You can read more about sample pooling here.

  2. If the sample was scanned in Kelvin or used for production, the sample will not be deleted. Even if the product has the ‘Done’ status. You can check if a sample was scanned in Kelvin by checking the Event log.

3. If you delete a product that is associated with sample(s) that have been checked in or out at least one time, the sample will not be deleted.


If a sample is checked in and/or checked out, you can delete it directly from the Sample page. But this sample will not be deleted if you choose to delete the associated product.

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