Depending on how your vendor set up their FTP servers, you can select how Creative Force can access their servers. When adding a post-production vendor, you will see three different protocol types that we support:

  • FTP: File Transfer Protocol

  • SFTP: SSH File Transfer Protocol

  • SFTP: SSH File Transfer Protocol with private key

FTP: File Transfer Protocol

Under this FTP protocol, you will find three different encryption types that go with it.

  • TLS/SSL Explicit encryption (FTPES): This approach enables explicit TLS support by upgrading an FTP connection to an encrypted connection. This is a commonly used approach by web and file sharing services to enable secure file transfers.

  • TLS/SSL Implicit encryption (FTPS): can be called FTP Secure. Sometimes referred to as FTP Secure Sockets Layer (FTP-SSL), this approach enables implicit Transport Layer Security (TLS) as soon as an FTP connection is established. FTPS was initially used to help enable a more secure form of FTP data transfer.

  • Plain FTP: This is a basic FTP service, but it requires the use of a username and password, though the service is not encrypted or secure which we don’t recommend using.

SFTP: SSH File Transfer Protocol

SFTP is a subset of the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol. SSH is commonly used by systems administrators to remotely and securely access systems and applications, and SFTP provides a mechanism within SSH for secure file transfer.

SFTP: SSH File Transfer Protocol with private key

This is a more secure method to authenticate Creative Force’s identity and rights to access your vendor’s server.

In the below settings, Creative Force will need the user’s private key to establish the connection with the vendor’s server.

Learn more about setting up an FTP-Integration for external post-production in Creative Force here.

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