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With Creative Force, it is possible to create the asset delivery place to the following servers:

This article will show you the steps to connect to FTP.

To add FTP as a delivery option, go to Studio settings -> Clients -> Edit Client -> Delivery options. Click ‘Add’.

For FTP, you should contact your IT team for the below information:

  • Protocol

  • Port

  • Host

  • Username

Note: If you are choosing SSH File Transfer Protocol with the private key, the maximum length of the private key allowed is 4096 bits.

Other settings can be defined here depending on your needs:

  • Folder pattern: Where the assets will be stored. By separating words or tokens with a slash ‘\’ you will create a subfolder.

  • Variant folder: Where the variants will be stored. You can choose between 3 options: The same folder as the main output - In a subfolder (you will then have to name the folder) - In a folder using the preset variant code

  • Non-select folder pattern: Where the non-selects will be stored. It is the same as creating a folder pattern above. You can choose words and tokens, then separate them with a slash ‘\’.

  • Letter case: Select between No change/ UPPERCASE/ lowercase for your folder path and file name.

  • When file exist: You can choose to Keep both or Replace the existing file.

Once that is done, you can see in the list if the connection is working or not, allowing you to verify that Creative Force has the correct access to the method you have chosen.

If it says ‘Failed to check’, the connection has not been integrated. Please check the info you have filled in again, if everything is correct, please contact our support team for more details.

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