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April 5th – Sprint 99 Release Notes
April 5th – Sprint 99 Release Notes

Bi-weekly software updates

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We are back with another exciting release!

Conditional Variants

The conditions roll-out, has now reached preset variants. 🎉
You can now control when and if, a variant is active, based on:
data, production situation or source. You're welcome!

Delivery Matrix (File Routing)

Routing files to individual delivery options is now available at the style guide level. Simply add multiple delivery options to the workflow and control the routing via the delivery matrix interface.

Auto Generate Variants

You can now generate automatic variants. This is helpful if you create versions for marketplaces with slight variations in crop, background color and file format.

☝️ Auto-variant is an add-on module, so please reach out if you are interested in getting this functionality added to your account.

Bright River Post-production Connector

Some great news to all of our customers using Bright River! The API based integration is now live and ready. You'll benefit from a tighter and more stable post-production integration, than the good old FTP workaround. Just set up a new post-production vendor and chose "Bright River Integration" as type.

Other Improvement

  • New Filter: Container Code.

  • “Variant specific naming” removed from the style guide UI and settings migrated.

  • Remember job Import settings at server side.

  • Photo Review: Add selection change events to the event log.

  • Final Selection: Pre-selection by position: Mark for instructions into context menu.

  • Prevent users from making actions when filter has more than 10,000 items.

  • Added a "Source" merge field for VPI tracking.

  • Vendor Portal: Access to Studio Kanban when there are no requests.

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed: Hue: Multiple rejection confirmations when tasks are rejected.

  • Fixed: Kelvin: Transfer screen incorrectly shows "no transfers".

  • Fixed: Kelvin: It's difficult to drag images into style guide position.

  • Fixed: Gamma: Issue around deleting products.

  • Fixed: API: Remove redundant event for product status change.

  • Fixed: API: Container isn’t synced to Elasticsearch.

  • Fixed: API: Cannot update sample location when scanning in Kelvin.

  • Fixed: Gamma: Unable to see all roles when setting up SSO.

  • Fixed: Gamma: Cannot bulk search product codes on Products page.

  • Fixed: Gamma: Unable to export all rows from Production View.

  • Fixed: Gamma: Unable to search by partial values in Products/Samples/Jobs view.

  • Fixed: Gamma: Unable to print sample labels in bulk.

  • Fixed: Gamma: Sorting order does not update in Jobs/Products/Samples page.

  • Fixed: Gamma: Not displaying production type after saving a product.

  • Fixed: Editorial: Deliverable slide in: "Undefined" in Deliverable owner.

  • Fixed: Editorial: Project: After opening deliverable slide-in, the menu doesn't work.

Questions, ideas, or feedback?

We're striving to create the best product for you and your team! Feel free to drop us a line via email/chat, or submit your ideas and feedback directly to our product team via

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