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June 14th – Sprint 104 Release Notes
June 14th – Sprint 104 Release Notes

Bi-weekly software updates

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Happy reading on Sprint Release Day! 🎉

Property Display & Alerts

This is currently our most asked for functionality, and we are thrilled to finally release this update. You now have 100% control of which properties to display where in any screen and step in the workflow. Furthermore, you can let the system alert your users if specific properties contain a value. The settings can be defined individually for each client for studios using client specific properties!

You define the setup for each of the property types in the property definition screen. Hit the button "DISPLAY & ALERT SETTINGS" to get started.

Faster Outfit Building

The outfit building interface in Kelvin and Gamma has been revamped to become much faster to use. We have optimized this in both Kelvin, Gamma and the mobile app. Furthermore, we have implemented drag and drop sorting of the secondary products. We will follow this sorting anywhere the list of products is displayed.

Outfit Details and Color References in HUE

In the Hue Photoshop Panel, we now display both outfit information and also color references (if available) for secondary products. This should greatly enhance the color matching ability for outfits and give a better general understanding of which products are in the image.

Mark-up Component on E-comm

We are happy to announce that the mark-up interface for instructions and rejections has been updated throughout Gamma. We upgraded with the component we use in Editorial and is thereby getting much more advanced mark-up functionality with text, lines, shapes, undo, zoom, history, high resolution etc.

Other Improvements

  • We've added a new API for setting source and to get product vendors.

  • Post QC: We've made color references available for secondary products.

  • Add Styling Information on contact sheets.

  • Improve Data source property update.

  • Optimized Import job: Reduce memory usage for importing huge jobs.

  • Prevent "Network Busy" issue when updating from data source.

  • CF Gateway API: Update model for the capture API

  • Optimized "Delete Products".

  • Editorial Location & Sub-Location: Change location from project image slide-in.

  • Source Change for Product: Better retry logic.

  • Move function to write metadata in asset delivery to Lambda.

  • Refine debug log on services & jobs.

  • Extend time to scan FTP server on vendor pulling (from 10 days to 30 days).

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed: Cannot connect to FTP due to weak DH key.

  • Fixed: Cannot pull files from FTP due to timeout.

  • Fixed: Products in data source not pulling into the System.

  • Fixed: Data source stuck at “waiting for first sync”.

  • Fixed: Sample webhook missing Sample Code for checked-in event from Kelvin.

  • Fixed: Couldn’t extend time to pull files from vendor after reset product.

  • Fixed: Missing event log when user login from Gamma.

  • Fixed: Bugs when syncing jobs, products, sample to Elasticsearch.

  • Fixed: Handle crop image after final selection.

  • Fixed: Webhook message when users perform update.

  • Fixed: Duplicated property.

  • Fixed: Should not allow user to read any key/password from the UI.

  • Fixed: Unable to disable client.

  • Fixed: Kelvin: Unable to scan product: Error of "Cannot find production task".

  • Fixed: Error when editing sample property that has been deleted.

  • Fixed: Products at different steps, not broken into segments when resetting.

  • Fixed: Bulk submit is not working.

  • Fixed: Product shown as needing Style Guide/Workflow update from products tab, but not in the Style Guides update section.

  • Fixed: Auto-variants are not in the correct file type.

  • Fixed: Unable to reset products.

  • Fixed: Multiple Error Messages in Kelvin when connected to Capture One.

  • Fixed: Kelvin crashing during outfit creation.

  • Fixed: Internal L1, L2 QC not showing user info.

  • Fixed: After changing product's location, you need to reload to see changes.

  • Fixed: Edit outfit: Cannot delete fields which is date, date time

  • Fixed: Final selection: incorrect context menu.

  • Fixed: Edit Editorial project: Error edit client in project.

  • Fixed: Photo review: ALTS always show no preview square.

  • Vendor Portal: The number of uploaded files doesn't show correctly.

  • Vendor Portal: Error when auto mapping by material code.

  • Vendor Portal: Handle some exceptions while uploading files.

  • Vendor Portal: Error submit when the task has an optional position.

  • Vendor Portal: Clear "No-inclip" when removing all assets from a position.

  • Vendor Portal: Bulk submit is not working.

  • Vendor Portal: Bulk submit completes but still show processing tasks.

Questions, ideas, or feedback?

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