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Within Creative Force, there are multiple ways for you to connect with a Data source and using Brandquad is one of the method.

To create a Data source, go to your Studio settings -> Data sources then click ‘Add’.

After clicking ‘Add’ you will be prompted to the setup dialog, please contact your IT team to have the needed information.

  • Frequency: You can decide how often the data source gets updated automatically. It can be either Hourly - Daily - Weekly - Monthly. If you choose ‘monthly’ you will have to decide which day of the month. If you choose ‘weekly’ you will have to decide which day of the week.

  • Day of weeks: The day that the data gets updated.

  • Hour in day: The hour in the day that the data gets updated.

  • Minute in hour: The minute in the day that the data get updated.

After finishing setting up the data source, you can assign the data source to a client here.

In the ‘Last check’ column, you will find the following statuses:

  • Data ready: After successfully syncing for the first time, the status will show Data ready

  • Wait for first sync: No sync has been succeeded previously

  • Cannot connect: Creative Force cannot connect to the Data source. Please contact our support team for further details.

  • Syncing: Creative Force is in the process of syncing the data

  • Wait to map: The columns have not been mapped, after these have been mapped, the sync can start

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