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Keep Work Files Setting in Hue
Keep Work Files Setting in Hue
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The Keep Work Files setting in Hue determines how long the working file for a task will remain in your Hue Working Folder. To set your duration, head to the three-dot menu within Hue:

And navigate to the Workspace tab:

Here, you can set how many days Hue will save your work files before clearing them. This setting is especially useful when dealing with rejections. When a file is rejected, the system will open the latest file that exists within the working folder for the task, however, if the Keep Work Files duration has passed (i.e. Keep Working File is set to 3 days and the task is rejected on day 4) the layered file will have been cleared and the system will create a new file. This new file will be a flattened version of the previous work file version.

The cleanup service in Hue only runs one time when the user opens the application. This means that if your Keep Work Files setting is set to 1 day and you begin at task 10:00pm today and close the task to work on later, the clean-up service will delete the file upon opening the app if the app is opened after 10:00pm tomorrow.

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