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Managing Hue work files
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Work File Format

As you probably know, PSD is the usual choice as a work file type in Photoshop. A PSD file serves its purpose of saving all the layers, masks, channels, paths etc… But the issue that the retouchers often face is with the file size limitation that PSD only supports up to 2GB per file.

That’s when the PSB comes in. A PSB is the same as a PSD, but supports larger files up to 300,000 pixels or 4 Exabytes. You can choose the default working file types for your retouchers team as with PSD or PSB. Then click ‘Save’.


  • The Internal Post Setting are only available to users that have Edits right on Studio Settings.

  • As soon as you click ‘Save’ the settings will be applied.

  • Before changing this setting, all downloaded tasks from HUE will not be affected. To apply the change, you can unpick the task and reassign it to the retoucher.

Activating Work File Upload (And Download)

If your studio has complex levels of internal post-production and a big team of retouchers, oftentimes, there will be different people editing the same task. Maintaining the last editing effects on a task and its annotations and markings before sending it to the next retoucher is time-consuming.

Within Gamma, you can centralize managing the Hue work files from selecting the default Photoshop work files to keeping that work files in the cloud. To access this setting, go to Studio Settings -> Internal Post settings.

The option to upload the work files to Creative Force Cloud is an add-on feature, please contact your CSM for more information on how to get enrolled. If you don't have this feature enabled, this option will be hidden in your settings.

Under Studio Settings, you can decide for how long you want to keep the work files in the Cloud for Ecom and Editorial modules separately.

The system will silently keep track of when the work files are uploaded to the Cloud and start counting from there to remove the files accordingly. The time is calculated by UTC.

Settings for downloading via Hue

Note: If the setting is disabled in Gamma, users will not see the following in Hue.

After the feature is enabled on your Studio, upon the first login to Hue, you will see this pop-up.

In Hue Settings, you can decide if you want to download the work files from Creative Force every time they are available or ask you depending on the case.

Work files will be available in cases where a task gets rejected and made available for a retoucher to pick, who did not do the previous retouching work. For complex workflows containing two Internal Post steps, work files will likewise be available from the first task (L1) when the second task (L2) is picked.

  • Yes: work files will always be downloaded right after the task is picked

  • No: work files will never be downloaded

  • Ask Me: each time the user picks a task there will be a prompt dialog asking for a decision. When this option is selected, after clicking Pick a task, you will be able to select between Create new or Use existing (work files).

  • Create new: Hue will only download the input assets and create new work files locally.

  • Use existing: Hue will download all work files from the cloud, or use the files on your computer if they are already present in your Hue Working Folder.

Settings for Uploading via Hue

Each Hue user can also control locally if they want to upload the work files to the Creative Force Cloud. The options supported here are either “Yes” to uploading all work files or “No” to uploading any work files, where “No” is meant for deactivating upload temporarily or for some users where uploading is not needed.

After a user finishes the task and uploads it, Hue will prioritize uploading the Assets first and complete the task. At this time, you will see the message ‘Uploading task details and assets’. Afterward, Hue will upload the work files in the background without blocking the user, you will see the message ‘Uploading work files X%’.


If the workflow has two levels of Internal Posts, at Internal Post L1, the user chooses not to upload work files to the Cloud, then at Internal Post L2, Hue will download the output of Internal Post L1 and create the work files according to those outputs.

When the upload process is complete, you will see a cloud icon to the left of the checkmark icon. We recommend not closing Hue while the files are in the uploading process. If you close the app while uploading is in progress, the upload will be automatically restarted when the app is opened again.

On the following Internal-post QC, you can also actively download the available work files associated with the task. Please note that this is only available if the retoucher chooses to upload their work files to Creative Force Cloud.

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