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Cloud Video: Final Selection
Cloud Video: Final Selection
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Much like Final Selection for images, you will have the ability to view the videos, mark for instructions, approve/ reject and upload files.

Only Account Owner and Admin users are able to release the assigned tasks.

Select one video and hit space, you can play the video directly in Gamma. Hit ‘Esc’ to close the video playback.

By clicking the upload icon on top of the video, you can choose a file from your computer to upload here.

Marking instructions

To leave the instructions to your retouching team, select the video and hit ALT + I or go to the three-dot menu and click ‘Mark for instructions’, then click ‘Continue’.

As usual, hit ‘space’ on your keyboard to play the video. Whenever you click on the instruction section, the video will be stopped accordingly. You won’t have to fast forward or rewind to find the exact moment you want to note down. After writing the notes, hit Ctrl/ Cmd + Enter to save your notes. On the timeline bar, you can see where you or others left the notes.

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